Who we are

We are an NGO that, since 2017, has been dedicated to the search of the well-being of the most at-risk population, mainly the poorest and most excluded in Perú.

We are born from the interest of people from different disciplines, to improve the quality of life of the Peruvians in need through the development of capacities and access to health as a human right and an essential condition to achieve a full life, in freedom and equity.

As a Non-Governmental Development Organization and as a Non-profit Private Institution, Receiver of Assistance Donations (IPREDA by its initial in spanish), we receive support from national and international individuals and institutions, through credit funds, donations, subsidies and other collaborations that they allow us to develop our activities.


Improve the capacities and access to health of people in poverty and extreme poverty.


Achieve development opportunities in poor and excluded communities.

Our team

We are professionals from different disciplines gathered around a common goal: to contribute to the development of our country and, above all, to bring opportunities to the poorest and most vulnerable.

Jorge Luis
Garboza Amand

President of the Board of Directors

Jorge Raúl
Garboza Sifuentes

Vice President of the Board of Directors

Karla Valverde Poma

Secretary of Economy